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Examination and Promotion Rules



Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year’s performance of the child. Class teachers keep up the date records of the scholastics as well as co-scholastics performance of all students. The assessment is recorded in the form of ‘Grade’ instead of percentage to eliminate the negative factor inherent in the ranking system. The objective of continuous assessment is to monitor a child’s level of development without comparing it with others. Through continuous evaluation, a comprehensive profile of his/her performance is assimilated and conveyed to the parents in regular Parent Teacher Meetings.


 The academic year has been divided into two terms:

  • Term 1 (April to September) includes & Half yearly (Sept-Oct).

  • Term 2 (October to March) includes Assessments & Annual Examination


 Guidelines of Assessment I and II
• Term-1 consists of three assessments FA1, FA2, FA3 usually held at end of the April, July, August.


• Term-2 consists of three assessments FA4, FA5, FA6 usually held at end of the Nov, Dec, Jan.

 • FA1(10%) + FA2(10%) + SA1(30%) =50%

 • FA4(10%) + FA5(10%) + SA2(30%) =50%

* FA=Formative Assessments

* SA=Summative Assessments


• Co-scholastic activities (Visual and Performing arts, Physical Education & Work Education) will be graded on 5 point grading scale (A to E).

• Discipline (Attendance, Sincerity, Behaviors, Values) will also be graded on 5 points scale (A to E)


• Promotion is bases on the day to day work of the students throughout the year and also on the performance in the Term Examinations.


• The students of class XII have to appear in the Term examination(July & October) along with two Pre-board examination(December & January) to boost preparation and build confidence for the forthcoming CBSE Board Examinations.


• Minimum 75% attendance is compulsory for appearing in the Final Term Examinations.


• There is no provision of a re-test for students who may missed the assessment tests of Term examinations. In case of genuine sickness, certified by an authorized doctor, the Principal may, however consider the result of the student.


• The decision of the school authorities regarding promotion shall be final.


• Students found using unfair means during any term exams/tests will be marked zero in that subject. No retest will be held for such students.


• Suitable changes in the mode and pattern of the exams can be made if found necessary. Such changes will ne intimated to the students in advance.


• Students are continuously marked and evaluated an various parameters like : attitudes and values of  students towards school programs, teachers, assignments, school property, environment etc. on day to day basis.    


Honoring the Students

  • Well Dressed Prize

  • Best Behavior Prize

  • Best Maintained School Diaries Prize

  • Best In The Class Prize

  • Best Display Board Decoration Prize

  • Well Maintain Notebook Prize

  • Best School House Prize

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