The school is divided into four main levels namely:

  1. Pre-school and Pre-primary wing

  2. Junior wing ( classes- I to V level)

  3. Middle wing ( classes VI to VIII level)

  4. Senior wing (classes XI to XII level)

  • Pre-school and Pre-primary wing

This is the entry level of the school and admission is given based on the guidelines of the Department of Education, Delhi and Registration forms open as per D.O.E. guidelines from year to year. The forms for current year have already opened. For more details see under Admission.

In our school every Child's is unique and has inborn talents which are nurtured and empowered by our tailor made system so that every child learns to live and understand various elementary level skills of early life. The child is exposed to explore his world of colours through touch and feel, sensitive to curious environment around, in free and cognitive atmosphere. We provide audio-visual aids and motherly help to make a child independent, explorative and cognitive.

  • Junior Wing ( I to V )

Junior wing is entry for formal education. The child is facilitated by our qualified teachers to inculcate the system of learning in a defined way to further sharpen the curious minds of a child to truly blossom.

  • Middle Wing ( VI to VIII )

The child enters the adolescence which encompasses physical, mental and emotional changes. The child is expected to have better communication and social skills along with confidence and getting along with his classmates. Our teachers help the child to grow with proper personality and thinking skill. We organised various personality and skill development activities like excursion and learning trips, sports, counselling session, stage exposure, art and craft which help the child development to meet the challenges of next level of formal education.

  • Senior Wing ( XI to XII )

The child is exposes to skill development for formal and continuous evaluation system to take care of his stream choice of vocation. The child is put to comprehensive assessments of scholastic and non scholastic activities as per CBSE pattern and we help the child in facing the formal CBSE exams system so that the child performs better in exams and to compete in future vocational enable competitive exams. The Science, Commerce and Humanities streams are offered to suit the desire and future vision of a child .Our teachers remain facilitator, build curious attitude for developing abilities for success in life.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.