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Labs & Laboratories


The laboratories are designed to encourage & kindle curiosity of the students. The labs are equipped with the latest equipment's and modern apparatus. Each lab is well ventilated and provides enough working area for the learners and storage.

Special care has been given to the safety aspects in the labs. All experiments are conducted by the students under the guidance of the trained staff. The labs ensure that children understand & appreciate the power of exploration & verification and develop a scientific temperament.


Physics Lab
Technology advanced and fitted with all the best and latest equipments, Physics lab provides a platform for the budding physicist and aspiring Einstein’s, to not only conduct practical incorporated in syllabus but also seek answers to their inquisitiveness. We appreciate the able assistance and guidance of our teachers and lab assistant who support the children throughout their work.

Chemistry Lab
Equipped with all the modern amenities, Chemistry lab assists the students in simplifying the complex chemical reactions, equations and catalysts. Students are given liberty and space to practically clear their ‘chemical’ doubts and our experienced teachers make sure that no mishap results in this active participation of the students.

Biology Lab
Powerful microscopes, permanent slides and large number of fixed and mobile biological models, museum specimen of diverse flora and fauna, our Bio Lab is an apt ambiance for exploring minds. The minute intricacies of life are revealed to the inquisitive minds of the students, under the expert guidance of our mentors.

Computer Lab
Not being far behind to experiment with new technology a computer room was set up in 2005. It was equipped with ten PCs and one Server. Years after, now there are fully equipped computer laboratories to cater to the Primary, Middle and Senior levels. These computer laboratories have more than 30 computers interlinked with two Servers (thin client). The whole school has been covered under LAN connecting these 3 servers.
These laboratories not only have been able to keep our students abreast with the latest in the field of Information Technology (IT) but also have equipped them with skills required to survive in this modern world. The students use these labs effectively to satisfy their curious mind and gather information relevant to their course.


Mathematics Lab
A Math Lab is a space designed for students to learn mathematics by performing activities and hands on experience. Students are allowed to explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities using different materials.



We have a library which can aptly be called as a “Treasure House” of books. Apart from a large number of books on various subjects, there are invaluable reference books which can be consulted in the library itself. A good number of newspapers, national and international magazines and journals are subscribed for the benefit of the students. Books that are a visual delight to the young minds and the sufficient number of CD's which unfold the world are within the reach of the students. The library work is totally computerized. There is a wonderful and envious collection of Reference books, Fictions, G.K. books, Encyclopedias, Science manual educational reports and reviews, which enrich the young minds and add to the knowledge of the teaching faculty.

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