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Pledge on ‘Say No To Fire Crackers this Diwali‘ with Hon’ble Minister

Under School Eco Club

Dear Parents

As per direction of Hon’ble Minister (Environment) GNCTD , an online interaction scheduled to be held on 1st November,2021 at 1:00 p.m. with Eco-club students .

During Diwali Pollution Level increases manifolds due to bursting of fire crackers/fireworks. To reduce the pollution and aware students vide online interaction where students will take a pledge with Hon’ble Minister on Say No To Crackers this Diwali .

The link /ID/Password for joining the interaction is mentioned below:

Zoom Link:

Passcode: av5ANX

It is requested to ensure the participation of students in the aforestated interaction on 01/11/21 by visiting above mentioned link 15 minutes prior to scheduled time.

With Regards



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