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Ref : CR/2022/21/ Dated : 26/March/2022

Dear Parents,

Hello, I feel happy to announce that 30th March’2022 is a Result day. Bring your child along with you to collect the result from the respective teachers from 9:30am onwards.

· Equip your child with new books & notebooks, as books & notebooks would be on sale from 30th March-2022. Cover the books & notebooks after labeling them properly with plastic sheet to protect them for whole of the year.

· New session will commerce on 04th April’2022 for all the students.

· School Timings : For class M-II to II 8:30am to 1:00pm

For class III to XII 8:00am to 1:45pm

· All the students should come to school in school summer uniform well fitted and with smart wearing. Uniform is also on sale at school from 28th March-2022

· Make your fee payments along with dues(if any), before the result.

· For transport Facilities inform us well in advance.

· To secure your Id-card in time fill in & submit the Id-card form with all valid information and latest Photographs (student,father,mother) positively on the result day.

With Best Regards

Renu gupta

Dir. Principal


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